Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pittsburgh 2011

       Well we went to Pittsburgh this past weekend for a family reunion. It was certainly fun but too short. We left our house at 6:15 a.m to go pick up Elizabeth's parents. We made it to the airport and zoomed through security because we were traveling with a kid plus Allan was in a wheel chair so that helped also. After an hour of Kade claiming all of the airplanes were his we finally got on out flight. He was really excited about it.
His favorite part was the take off because we went fast. Then about an hour (and 1 screwdriver for daddy) we turned on CARS on the DVD player. Almost immediately he fell asleep. Which is rare when CARS is on. I thought he would sleep until we landed. Well he did wake up on our approach and wanted to get up and walk around. He couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed. So he switched seats with Mommy and got to look outside so he was content. Well we made it to Pittsburgh about 2:00 local time and went over to the hotel. Aunt Patty and Nikki (Keith Stone) and Allison put some Pirates shirts and a blow up Transformer chair for Kade in our rooms. Kade absolutely loved the chair and sat on it most of the weekend. Saturday was spent North of Pittsburgh at the family reunion. There was a pool so Kade and I were in that for much of the time. Sunday was the day to get out and about. We left the hotel about 11:00 a.m and went downtown to begin the festivites. As you can tell by my picture here I just love fanny packs. They can hold everthing i need for the day.We shopped around a little and finally found a Pirate hat that we bought Kade.
He seems to like it. But he kept calling it his 'Astros Hat". I just let him believe it was an Astros hat. Well if you know me then you know I like to have a few adult beverages while taking in a ball game. Well you could say I had a few. Here is a picture of Nikki (Keith Stone), Allison, Elizabeth and I. See where they put me?

It was probably for the better. We met up with the rest of the family after the Pirates got whopped. We went to eat at Primanti Bros. This is the place where they put the french fries on the sandwiches. It was good but the best part was seeing Coach Cowher there. We were leaving and I said' That guy looks a lot like Coach Cowher?'. Uncle Al notified me that it was indeed Coach Cowher. So that was kind of cool.
We went back over to the Montouro's house and Kade got to play with his cousins in the sprinkler. Which he always loves. After we got him out of the spinkler we let him run around in his diaper (I know, I know). But when you look like this
you kind a get what you want. All in all we had a blast and the weekend went by way too fast. We wish we lived closer. We made it home on Monday and then Elizabteh's broke down. It figures now that it is paid off. But i digress. That story is for another day.

Philip "Pirata" Cromartie