Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July weekend.

We were invited to a beachhouse by The Teague's for the long weekend. The Lesak's and The C Teagues joined as well. We were excited to get to Crystal Beach and just relax. Kade enjoyed his first boat ride.
We finally made it to the house and unloaded ALL of our stuff. It amazes me how much stuff Liz can pack. Oh well, i guess you never know what you might need. After a quick bite we joind everyone down at the beach. Kade was skeptical about the water at first but eventually we couldnt get him out of it. Around 2:00 the ice cream truck comes around and all the kids went nuts wanting ice cream. This is what they all looked like.
Saturday morning all the guys went fishing on Tim's boat. We all caught some fish but none to really write about. Much of Saturday afternoon was spent napping (by the guys). After dinner that night Kade (the second youngest) was chasing the Three oldest kids around the house acting like a monster. It was pretty funny to see. Once the kids went to sleep is when the adults got to relax and have a drink or seven.  i was drinking Rumple and taking pulls off of some Boone's Farm 2001 Strawberry Hill. Disgusting I know. Saturday I found out that Bolivar Peninsula was covered with Pine Trees. Tim brought that to my attention. Sunday was spent much of the same as Saturday. Beach, fishing, castle building and of course napping. But no ice cream because the ice cream didn't stop for the kids. Not sure who was more upset, Kade or Tim. Well Sunday after the kids went to bed may have been the funniest night. It all started with Casey going to bed before all the kids. Corey then falling out of his chair and my premonition of it happening. Before i knew it I was the only guy in a circle of woman. We were having girl talk and I didn't even realize it. Some of they things that were said are etched into my memory forever. I was firmly inserted into the 'trust tree'. That is a scary place for one man to be. I felt like the guys left me behind. Oh well it was quite amusing. Hopefully we started a tradition for many years to come. The kids all had a blast and so did the parents.



  1. I guess I missed your blog before today! I love reading blogs, I will be reading so keep posting. Sounds like the beach was super fun, happy 4th of July to your family.

  2. HILARIOUS!!!! You are defiantly in the "Trust Tree" and it is the BEST place to be:) We had a blast too and yes many years of this tradition to contuine...

    ps. I love that you write the blog and not Liz like most families...makes it so much more entertaining!