Monday, March 19, 2012

Catching Up.

           It has been a busy few months since my last post. It doesn't seem like Kole is 5 months old and that Kade will turn 3 in a couple of months. I would like for time to slow down but that doesn't seem like it will happen.
           Kole is getting more and more personality by the day. He is the smiling baby. Anytime you look at him he is all smiles. Even when he was sick a few weeks ago nothing but smiles. Now he will put a crying fit on you but only if you are holding out on a bottle. Kole already loves to watch his older brother play around and act crazy. Which is often.

          Speaking of Kade, he LOVES his little brother and if anyone messes with Kole he will surely give them the business. Just ask him and he will show you. Tee ball starts at the end of next month and Kade cannot stop talking about playing. i cant wait to see him in his uniform. I started playing Baseball when i was 5 years old and have loved the game since then.

          That's a quick snap shot of the last couple of months. With Summer coming we have a few trips planned. Beach house for the 4th, Bay House with the Stowe's in Port LaVaca and a possible trip to San Antonio with just the 4 of us. Of course trips to the Lake house as often as possible.

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